Borough Best in London for Reducing Bed Blocking

Cleaners BatterseaWandsworth’s adult social services department has been ranked as the best performing of all the London boroughs in reducing hospital bed blocking cases.
Of all the 33 boroughs in London, the department has been ranked top for making sure that patients, mostly are elderly people, can return home, without suffering unnecessary delays or problems.
Delayed transfer of care (DTOC), unofficially known as Bed Blocking occurs when patients cannot be discharged from hospital for various of reasons, chief upon which is lack of appropriate support systems in place to care for them when at home.
Additional reasons for Hold-ups is when home carers or other community services have not been trained to provide sufficient and adequately after care, if adaptations to their homes have not been completed or, if required, that a suitable residential or nursing home has not been found. Delays also happen quite often when there is miscommunication between agencies involved in health and social care, the cleaners in Battersea said.
Wandsworth achieved a score of 0.56 delays per 100,000 residents, the lowest in London. The worst performing borough reached a score of 7.69, whereas the average for the capital was 2.67.